Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fiber and Fabric

I had an excuse to make a new nuno felting piece(like I would need an excuse), I needed something to wear to my friend's party. So, I started with a purple sweater and a color story.

I layed out a strip of blueish turquise organza, purple wool roving, cut out shapes of organza in purple, olive green, blue turquoise and bright green, then little wisps of black wool roving.

I wet it with soapy water and rolled it up in bubble wrap and rolled it back and forth. Here's how it looked with the fibers and fabric fused.

Then I picked it up and threw it down on the table about 80 times, more than last time and it makes it really compact. The fabric gets really puckered on the back and makes the edges into a ruffle which I like.

Here it is finished.

I cut a bit off on the ends, sewed a couple snaps on and wore it with my purple sweater. Sweet!


  1. Delaney says she absolutely loves the colors of this braclet!

  2. I agree with Delaney. I like the color choices too. Great pictures. Keep up the good work.