Friday, March 23, 2012

More Fiber

I went back to the Crane Arts Building to revisit the show Outside/Inside the Box last week with some friends. This time I remembered my camera and I took pictures of a lot of my favorite pieces.
Andrea Noeske-Porada.jpg

Andrea Noeske-Porada,
Inside is Outside,
100% Merino wool fibers
9.06in x 7.87in x 15.75in



Emily DuBois,
Naga (1-5),
Polynesian tapa (bark cloth), sumi, acrylic medium, bamboo rods
70in x 30in x 1in


Arlé Sklar-Weinstein
Ice River Vine Bound,
Free floating organza panels, wood dowels, monofiliment thread stitching
36in x 72in x 3.5in


Magali Rizzo,So bitter were my feelings,
Linen cloth, cotton thread
53in x 34in



Tamryn McDermott,
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow,
Silk organza, matt medium, fabric dye, aluminum rings
174in x 96in x 96in


Ann Wessmann,
Words Unspoken Series: 37,499 days - June 9, 1932 - December 31, 1941,
Text on vellum on foam board
96in x 96in x 4in



April Dauscha,
Exposed: An Armory of Physical Longings,
Muslin, boning, grommets, ribbon & dress form
72in x 18in x 18in (Close up views)


Brigitte Amarger,
Bones, organs, prostheses X rays, scanners and magnetic resonance imagery, transparent nylon and color cotton threads
84in x 25in x 0.039in


Picture taken at bahdeebahdu, Warren Muller, lighting sculpture

Kim Kamens, Ken, 5 ft. x 7 ft. thread, nails and wood

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


FiberPhiladelphia 2012 is an international biennial and regional festival that celebrates textile and fiber arts. The opening was on Saturday and I was kicking myself that I didn't bring my camera. The show is outstanding. I was unsuccessful in grabbing photos from the website so you'll have to follow the link and see for yourself Outside/Inside the Box

My husband snapped this picture of my daughter and her friend standing next to my piece.

Sea Foam, silk and dye

If you're local it's worth seeing in person. Pictures can be deceiving some things I thought were large are actually small and others are surprisingly large and commanding. I think there's something for everyone to love in this show. Fiber art is alive and kicking and it's not your Grandma's knitting.

If you go don't miss stopping in on Warren and R.J. at bahdeebahdu a working studio for design and the development of art, sculpture and furnishings at 1522 N. American St. I featured on my blog here. You will find beautiful art, beautiful furnishings, and amazing trash to treasure light fixtures and sculptures. It's only a block away from the Crane Arts Building.