Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finished Work, New Work

I photographed the work I call "The Bottom of the Ocean". This piece is 48 x 46 inches. Before and After. Not much of a change but I worked in the center of the dark hole giving it some subtle color changes that draw you in even more than just the darkness. It's intense and maybe a bit too predictable but I needed to paint it. I think it serves it's purpose and now I can move away from the central bulls eye imagery. Also like I said last post I'm trying to move away from the turquoise blue depiction of water to explore other color schemes and see where they lead me. Here are the beginnings of 3 large oil paintings. I started first with painting the whole canvas a color in acrylic because it dries so fast and then I poured a color in oil paint.
The shiny parts are just glare, they were still wet when I photographed them as I was running out the door. I'm really excited about these and hope to be able to finish them in the next 3 weeks. Working in oil the drying time is a huge factor but I enjoy all the variety of surface texture I'm getting by layering pours. Well in the meantime I'm working up some new encaustic paintings also and just bought a few more colors today. Here's what I have going right now.

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