Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nuno Felted Bracelets


Ya gotta love the internet! Last week I sold 6 wool and silk organza bracelets because of this blog. Just when I was sure no one was reading this. The email came late at night from someone in Atlanta, Georgia saying she saw my wool bracelets somewhere, maybe on my website, their not on my website but are in this blog and that she would love to buy some! She used lots of exclamation points so I thought maybe it was a scam. I answered and told her I'd send her some photos of what I had. I photographed just about everything I had and sent it off in an email. She responded with the 6 that she would like to purchase. Sceptic that I am, I still thought maybe it was a scam. She paid my paypal account right after I sent the request so, yeah for me. I created some beautiful packaging and sent them with love to Atlanta, Georgia. Wow! Needless to say since then I've been working on my etsy site.
It's almost impossible to photograph your own wrist but I do it anyway and then sweetly ask my daughter to help me out. Our patience for each other usually lasts just long enough to get one bracelet photographed.
Here's one I just listed.


In the studio I was stretching canvases and other boring work this week. I was glum about it and my friend Dennis reminded me that's why they call it artwork. So yesterday I rebelled and sewed some of this green silk I dyed last week onto circles made of boning. I said I was going to play around with the fiber installation so I did just that. This isn't finished and I don't even know if it will ever be anything. It's is a sketch, a study done in silk organza, boning and fishing line.


Another shot of fabric draped over a painting.

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