Sunday, July 11, 2010


ACRA stands for Arden Community Recreation Association. This association was founded in 1948, and provides recreational, educational and social activities throughout the year to residents of the three Ardens. The summer program is free to children 3 years old though entering 8th grade. The summer program, which runs Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 12:30, provides sports activities, a game room, outdoor free play, art and music, field trips and many visiting artists from the community as well. Freedom of choice reigns at ACRA and children are allowed to go from activity to activity as their free spirits move them.

In the art room we provide fun art experiences daily. One experience I wasn't expecting this week was when I went to the shed to get supplies I was stung not once but twice by a very angry wasp. I apparently disturbed a nest above the door of the shed and the irate insect stung my finger and then on second pass dove right into my face and stung my eyelid. Ouch, is not all I yelled, believe me. So everyone on staff helped me set up the art room for junk art day as I barked orders while holding an ice pack on my eye. The kids didn’t seem to notice that anything was amiss as they plowed past me to get first dibs on the best junk and be first in line to use the hot glue guns. I was stung on Thursday but my finger and eye didn’t really swell until 2 days later. I’m having trouble typing this with one explosively fat finger and one eye swollen almost shut!

I love these junk people the kids made.



They make me smile and remind me why I like being the art director at ACRA. My job is to put out supplies, make suggestions, be ready to assist as needed and know when to step back as their creativity revs up to warp speed and takes off. I often forget to take pictures as I mentioned last post but here are some of the kids working on their papier mache projects last week.


Shannon and April


Phoenix, Madi, and Shane


Maddie and Riley

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