Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Art at ACRA

The art supplies are packed away until next year and most of the work returned to it's owner. I've had a few days to rest and reflect. Let's see if I can back up and show everything we did the last three weeks. First I promised a picture of the little girl who did the most work on her sewing kit, here's April, she's 6 years old and a bundle of energy. Love her! The kids love papier mache. I can't really explain it other than when else do you get to make whatever you want and make a huge mess while you're doing it? Here are some of the finished projects. That's a pie, a mouse, a crab and a cow. There were other animals, an ice cream cone and a couple cool rocket ships. These are called God's Eyes, a craft made with 2 sticks and yarn. I do these every year because the art director before me did them every year for 13 years and who knows how many years someone did them before her. It just wouldn't be ACRA without doing God's Eyes. Next we made some awesome stationery with printed leaves. I was really into this and made a bunch to use as Thank You notes. Oh yeah the kids liked it too. I figured out a way to make a 2 color print by laying the inked leaves face up on a large stamp pad and then laying the paper over that and pressing.
Ruth Bean and Lisa Riblett came in to do Weed Creatures. This is very popular year after year, here's just a small sampling of their work.

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