Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Art at ACRA

Last night I got frustrated with the blog software so I’m using something different now, let’s see how I do. Another project the kids love is Junk Art. I’m not sure when it started but it’s one of those projects that God help the person who ever tried to not include it on the calendar. I cover 2 large tables with all kinds of junk and then stand back. Here’s some of their work.009Sidney and Bridget with their creation “Joe”.015  Kali's Junk ArtKali’s Junk Art, I wish I would have taken the time to get a better picture. There was much more that I didn’t photograph, I was usually too tired at the end of the day. 027

The last week we did needlepoint on plastic canvas, jute bracelets, beaded lizards and sun prints.  I was too busy to get any photos. Here’s some shots of the kids and the final display of art for the open house. 065Autumn and Molly working on papier mache. 070Serena and her God’s Eye.067Phoenix, Delaney and Gryphon.066Alex working on her cow.  013Spin Art display.020Handkerchief display. 


017032Art Displayed    Project Runway  Project Runway with Betty O’Regan.040 The kids were sent home with a box and a shopping bag full of their art on the last day.

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