Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inspiring Artist

I found this amazing artist that I'd like to share, her name is Kei Ito.

metal coat 02.jpg

Metal Coat 02

Here's an excerpt from her website "My practice links together costume design for dance and theatre productions, fashion design for individual clients, accessories under the label ‘Always Sky Above’ and textile and costume exhibitions for Galleries.
My work is distinguished by an interest in exploring new possibilities of pattern cutting and explorations of geometry. In this respect I am linking ideas of pattern with thoughts about the movement of the body.
Another feature of my working process is in its relationship to different costume and textiles traditions. In some respects I relationship to tradition might be likened to travelling through space, in effect the past affords to us the luxury of moving through times in ways that might enable us to sense its nuances. Design is not just the economy of outcome but the potentiality of an unrealised future in the process of occurring."

white crin dress.jpg

White Crin dress

wave cut dress.jpg

Wave Cut Dress

wave bag.jpg

Wave Bag

paper wall 01.jpg

Paper Wall Project 2000

I love the way her work annihilates the boundary between fine art and commercial design.

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