Friday, March 27, 2009

Large Oil Paintings

Art on the Town Openings are next Friday, April 3rd.
That means I have one week to clean up this mess. I'm working on 3 large canvases in poured oil paint. I thin the paint down with turpenoid and then pour it either from a cup or a squirt bottle. Sometimes I pour the turpenoid first and then pour the paint into it like wet on wet watercolor. After I pour the paint then I direct it by lifting the canvas and, or using rags. I put a fan on it and might redirect it again after some of the thinner evaporates. I let each pour dry before I pour over it. This is a time consuming process with only 2 to 3 pours on a canvas per week. After I finish my pours, I fire up my encaustic paints. This fills the room with more noxious fumes. Yes, I use fans and open the window, only one window opens. I'm lucky when my neighbors aren't in the building to be bothered by all the smells coming out of my studio. So, your thinking I might die early because of my working habits, but I'll die happy because I'll be making art!

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