Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Forget to Wear Clean Underwear

I don't mean to make light of this, but my Uncle Jack had a stroke while driving this past week and flipped his car. It was what you might call a double whammy. He didn't survive.

There's nothing like losing a family member to make you feel really alive...... or just plain lost in a senseless world. I'm feeling a mixture of both that could be best described as a roller coaster ride. Hey, that's life in a nutshell. Crazy, snake loving, dog loving, God loving, Uncle Jack will be missed. I know he's in a better place now and smiling.

Other news; I'll be running my Creativity Workshop in Arden on Sat. February 20th. You can reserve your space by dropping me an email at You can read some testimonials on my website.

Come out and have some fun to lift your spirits in the duldrums of winter. Write, move, paint, laugh and let loose! You won't regret it in the morning, I promise.

Here's a new fiber piece I finished last week. It's a painting on broadcloth, layered with dyed and nuno felted silk organza. It's 15 x 17 inches and titled "Living"


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